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Select the fitness coaching service right for you!

In the coaching plans below you’ll see Skype calls and texts. A Skype call can be used for nutrition consultations, fitness advice or even checking form or executing an actual workout. It’s up to you how you use them! As for the texts, you will receive daily texts that will be catered to your needs. For instance if you’d like daily reminders for when to eat or train, or if you’d like to ask me a question, or if you need recipes etc. It’s up to you as everything in my plans are customized just for your needs. Shoot me over an email at and I’ll work out the plan right for you.
*In person meetings can only be executed at the persons residence or outdoors at a park. There are extra fees for training at Prana Fitness or Pine Brook Fitness.


  • 5 Texts Per Week
  • 2 Emailed Workouts Per Week
  • One 10 Minute Skype Call Per Week


  • 10 Texts Per Week
  • 3 Emailed Workouts Per Week
  • Analyze Data from Nudge App 
  • One 20 Minute Skype Call/Workout Per Week

Luxury Line

  • 10 Texts Per Week
  • 5 Emailed Workouts Per Week
  • One 60 Minute Skype Workout Per Week
  • One 20 Minute Skype Consult Per Week

Diamond Line - *Westchester Residents Only

  • 14 Texts Per Week
  • 5 Emailed Workouts Per Week
  • Diet Plans Offered 
  • One In Person Workout Per Month*
  • One 20 Minute Skype Consult Per Week


Train with me Outdoors!

Contact me for scheduled outdoor workouts & popup workouts.