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The Fitness Bond and Training Large Groups

MA_CrewThis last year has proven to be a fascinating one. I started working with The North Face as one of their Mountain Athletics coaches where I and other trainers coach people of NYC to train for athletic events and to get people in better overall shape. […]

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My Experience with Arch Mobility by Align Footwear

Recently I learned about a new insole that can decrease fatigue and increase performance. The reason I am so interested in this technology is:

  1. I have flat feet.
  2. I recently have been dealing with knee issues that I believe are being caused by my flat feet.

slide_tech9According to their website: […]

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Crossfit vs. GMBfitness

If you want to begin an exercise program, it’s important to choose one that’s a good match for your goals, schedule and personality. Crossfit and GMBfitness are two fitness regimens that are popular right now, the former more than the latter. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Let’s do a comparison of them to […]

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My Back WOD (pull day)

horizontal-ladderI like to train outdoors whenever possible so on my back day it’s no exception. I go to a park that has a pullup bar and horizontal ladder and either a pole or rope to climb.

So once I’ve got the right park the next step is to warm up. […]

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My Leg WOD

Here is a run down of one of my leg & ab workouts. Workout of the Day:

Warm up:

2 rounds
Mountain climbers 30 seconds
Burpees 20 seconds
Rest 20 seconds


3 Roundsjumping-lunge
Jumping Lunges with waist twist to leg going forward holding a kettlebell   6 reps
Jumping squats holding two kettlebells in rack […]

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X-Academy for Super Fitness

xacademy-new-transLooking for a SUPER boot camp that anyone from different fitness levels can attend? Look no further! Starting Spring 2016 at Turnure Park in White Plains NY, I will be offering a dynamic all encompassing outdoor workout.

Description: X-Academy Fitness – is a 60 minute outdoor fitness program for adults that […]