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A little about me

I graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelors Degree in Athletic Training. I also finished my Plan IV requirements and extensive study at Hunter College to be eligible for internship as a Registered Dietician, however I was never able to do an unpaid 9 month long internship, therefore, unable to pursue the RD exam. However, I did get certified as a Personal Trainer (ACE) a Health Coach (ACE), Nutrition Specialist (CNS), a Fitness Educator (CFE), a Golf Conditioning Specialist, a Kettlebell Instructor (by Kettlebell Concepts), and a TRX Qualified Trainer. I’ve also given interactive seminars on nutrition and fitness for healthcare clinics, Morgan Stanley, IBMAlliance Bernstein, Peekskill Dentistry and the Hotel Union of New York where I had also provided one on one counseling.

Fantastically Fit KidsI’ve written in the past for many magazines and websites about nutrition and fitness such as: Men’s Exercise, Natural Bodybuilding, and LiveStrong. I appeared on FIOS1 News for an outdoor boot camp segment, and a New Year’s Resolution segment, as well as on ABC NEWS Channel 7 for a home fitness training segment and NEWS 12 Westchester for a New Year’s Resolution home fitness training segment. I had a unique kids fitness DVD entitled Fantastically Fit Kids™ which won the Best Instructional Documentary Award in 2006. Most recently I was a Mountain Athletics Coach for The North Face.  When I believe in companies that do good I like to help them out and so I am frequently hired by companies to speak about their products on my blog and social media accounts.  I work as an independent group fitness instructor for The TRX Studio in Scarsdale, Pinebrook Fitness in New Rochelle and the YMCA in White Plains NY.

Peter Marino in his first bodybuilding contentIn the 1990’s I was a competitive bodybuilder who won the overall Constitution State Championships in CT in my very first competition. I placed in the top 5 for numerous other state and regional competitions for the 5 years I competed in bodybuilding. I still like natural bodybuilding but have stepped beyond it and like to incorporate many types of training in my routines.

ACE certified health coach
Due to increased demand and business responsibilities I can only be hired on a limited time basis as a health coach and personal trainer, but don’t let it stop you from contacting me! I love helping people and want to be your health coach/personal trainer! [/fusion_builder_column]

More About Peter Marino

To help you Be Super!
My whole life I’ve always looked up to super heroes in comic books but I learned that we are all super heroes in our own way. We all have hidden potential and greatness from within and my job is to bring out that greatness in you.  So let’s all have something to achieve or someone to look up to but realize that our best is OK and we should not compare ourselves to others but rather what we used to be and where we can be.
I promise to be the most upstanding, helpful and considerate trainer I can. I promiste to be honest and only inform you about what I know and will let you know when I don’t know the answer. I promise to only give you advise that I have personally used myself or have found to be credible. I promise to be there for you on your journey to better health and fitness!

My Skills

Group Training 100
Personal Training 95
Kettlebell Training 90
Nutrition/Health Coaching 85
TRX 90



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