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My Top 10 Products for Better Health and Fitness in the New Year!

Are you ready to better your health for 2018? I’ve assembled what I believe to be the best products for increasing your health and fitness in order to fast track your 2018 goals of better wellness. I’ve categorized them but the total number of products is 10 with two as optional.

  1. Fitness Equipment: TRX and/or Kettlebells; If you have the budget I suggest both of these products because they’re both so versatile and enable you to workout anytime and anywhere both efficiently and effectively. If you like bodyweight training and can only afford one product get the TRX. It will allow you to train every body part with dozens of exercises anywhere and anytime. The TRX is really good for frequent travelers as it is light and versatile as well. If you’re more of a lifting type of person that primarily trains at home and you’re trying to gain muscle I suggest a bunch of kettlebells from Kettlebell Kings (they’re my personal favorite). Ladies should get a range of kettlebells from 10 – 30 lbs. Men should get a range of kettlebells from 15 – 50 lbs. 
  2. Peter Marino Fitness / Trainerize app: Ok, yes, I am being very biased here, but if you take a look at the pricing and thoroughness of my app and what you get, you too will be biased and in favor of this app! The app includes: meal planning, workout tracking, workout plans, free advice and more starting at just $20 a month! Become a client and see for yourself but you’ll need an invite so go to the contact form here: and fill it out. The first week is free and no credit card is needed! I’ll send you some sample workouts just to get you acquainted with the app. Then you can choose the plan that’s right for you. The APP can be synchronized with MyFitnessPal and FitBit too for superior fitness and nutrition tracking. Here’s a tutorial to get a taste of what it looks like →

    Once you get your invite download the APP on The App Store (it will show as Trainerize but once you login from my invite it will show my logo) or Google Play
  3. Supplements: The following actually has 4 recommended and 1 optional product. Why should you supplement if you eat healthy? The soil farmers use is overused and undernourished compared to what our ancestors used for farming.  Our food is often overcooked and processed more as well. These two factors increase our likelihood of being undernourished in many micronutrients. Add to that the fact that you are stressed more, sleep less and need to exercise vigorously to overcompensate for your inactive lifestyle and guess what? You’ll need to supplement your diet! My suggestion to everyone trying to better their health is to always include the following supplements by NOW Foods (they’re lower in cost and higher in quality than any other brand I’m aware of):
    • A multivitamin/mineral (I use Adam™, my wife uses Eve™ by NOW Foods).
    • Fish Oil (DHA 500) or Cod Liver Oil capsules.
    • CoQ10 (recommended if you’re over 30 years old since your body has difficulty making it as you age).
    • Calcium with vitamin D (dose is dependent on how much you take in through diet already i.e. if you eat dairy and lots of broccoli you may not need the recommended full daily dose).
    • Optional Supplements: If you train hard or are trying to build muscle I also recommend HMB and L-glutamine.
  4. FitBit: Yeah, I know that fitness trackers aren’t the most accurate form of body tracking tech yet, but the technology is getting better every year. I use it as a guide to keep me focused and in better touch with my daily activities. There isn’t one that is the best because they all have their strengths and weaknesses but my personal favorite is the FitBit Blaze. Oh and guess what my Peter Marino Fitness app syncs with your FitBit as well so I can track you better (shameless plug there 😉😉).
  5.  Sleep enhancement: Often an after-thought, sleep is one of the most important components to good health. Studies have shown lack of sleep can contribute to cognitive dysfunction, poor mood, excessive muscle tissue breakdown and weight gain. There is a cool product by Philips called a Wake-Up Light with Colored Sunrise Simulation alarm clock & sunset fading night light. According to Philips it works by using their light therapy lamp for improving your sleep by utilizing wake up lights that are clinically proven to help you wake up feeling more refreshed.  It also has a unique feature that lets you relax and drift off to sleep with a dimming sunset light and sounds. 

So there you have it—the top 10 or so health and fitness products to use if you want to strive for better health and fitness in 2018. Happy New Year and good luck!

If you want more advice and would like to try my online fitness training, tracking and nutritional guidance go to:


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