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EMOM Workout; What Is It?

EMOM simply means “every minute on the minute”, and is considered a staple in Crossfit training. However, the structure of EMOM workouts are pretty straightforward, and can be scaled to suit every fitness level, from beginners to elite athletes.

Most EMOM’s generally last anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes.

What is the EMOM Method?

It’s actually quite simple, you set a timer for either 5,10,15,20,25 or 30 minutes, then on each scheduled minute, execute the required exercise(s). You then rest for the remainder of each minute. When the second minute starts you do the exercise(s) again. Repeat this process until the time requirement is over.

Focus and drive are essential for EMOM workouts

Structuring a workout with the EMOM method is very intense, focused and time efficient. Due to the time pressure you should be wary not to get careless about your exercise form! Always complete every repetition correctly and properly, especially on the eccentric or negative portion of the exercise, even if it takes longer, and you have less time to rest between each round.

One of the benefits of EMOM is that they can be designed to challenge and develop a wide range of different aspects of your fitness. Including:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Conditioning
  • Mental fitness/endurance

EMOM workouts are guided by the clock and the rest portion is part of the workout so you shouldn’t plan too many reps in your EMOM instead plan to extend the timeframe. The image shown on this article is a beginner to intermediate level EMOM. Feel free to make it longer if you’re more advanced. What I like to do is put in varying EMOM workouts of 5-10 minutes in my workouts to prevent overuse and repetitive stress injuries. What kind of EMOM do you do?

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