The SHAZAM! Workout Program in Westchester NY by Peter Marino

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The SHAZAM! Workout Program in Westchester NY by Peter Marino

So I’ve been working on an idea for a superhero themed workout program over the Winter and it’s finally available to anyone in person at 2 select gyms in Westchester NY: Prana Fitness, in West Harrison, and Pinebrook Fitness, in New Rochelle. It’s called The SHAZAM! Workout Program.

What is The SHAZAM! Workout Program?

The SHAZAM! Workout Program is a complete fitness & nutrition program to heighten and improve all facets of fitness, nutrition and life! The program is named after the DC comics superhero because the name is actually an acronym for Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. The program will improve a client’s power, strength, endurance, balance, agility and speed while teaching them the best nutritional tactics for their goals (i.e. wisdom).  Below is how the acronym fits the fitness program:

SOLOMON for Wisdom

  1. Once a week on Mondays you may text me with your  nutritional questions.
  2. Once a month we’ll all meet in person and I’ll give you a detailed rundown of why you should eat a mostly paleo diet and how to follow through with it. I’ll also teach you how to lose bodyfat, how to gain muscle, how to perform better and how to enhance your cognitive abilities.

HERCULES for Strength

They’ll be a wide array of strength exercises incorporated into the workouts including different kettlebell and body weight exercises. Before you know it you’ll be a demi-god!

ATLAS for Stamina  

They’ll also be a wide array of stamina based exercises incorporated into the workouts including the use of Tabata and MetaFit techniques.

ZEUS for Power & Recovery

On some workouts we’ll introduce a power exercise like the kettlebell snatch or clean and squat.

ACHILLES for Courage

As your knowledge and practice increases you’ll find that you have more courage and fitness to go further than you thought before. Hope and courage is increased further by yours truly helping you out outside the class!

MERCURY for Speed

We’ll incorporate speed and agility drills to make you as fast as the speed god Mercury!


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About the Author:

Peter is certified as a Health Coach & Personal Trainer (ACE), Nutrition Specialist (CNS), a MetaFit Instructor, a Golf Conditioning Specialist, a Kettlebell Instructor (by Kettlebell Concepts), and a TRX Qualified Trainer. He was a head coach for The North Face & is currently a NOW FOODS Wellness Influencer (where he does get products in exchange for writing about their products which he firmly believes in!). Peter has been on FIOS1 NEWS and NEWS12 Westchester and has written for many newspapers, websites and magazines. Instagram: @petermarinofitness Twitter: @petermarinofit Facebook:

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