We’re all pressed for time these days so working out shouldn’t be time consuming and it should be as efficient as possible. That’s what I had in mind with the following shoulder and arm workout. You can perform this workout as a stand alone workout for arms or as a finishing touch to your push/chest WOD.

After warming up (just about 2-3 minutes) with arm circles, plank rotations and an actively moving downward dog (not a stretch oriented one) you’re ready to move onto the first component; jump rope. Here’s the run down of the workout which you may do in one long sequence and repeat up to 5 times depending on your fitness level and time constraints.shoulder-arm

  • Jump rope 1-2 minutes
  • High Incline Vertical Push-ups into        8x
  • Low Incline Feet on the Wall Pushups   8x
  • Dumbbell Curl into Arnold Press            8-10x
  • Elbows in Close Grip Pushup                   8x
  • Repeat sequence 3-5 times with 30-45 seconds rest after each round