spartan sprint trainingIf you’ve been following me you know that I’m entering in the Spartan Sprint Race at Citifield in
April. I’ve been awful about training specifically for this event but I did manage to get in a stair climbing workout. Citifield has lot’s of stairs and the people at Reebok are definitely using them for the Spartan Sprint! From what I understand we have to carry a sandbag either on our back or shoulder. The weight is anywhere from 10-20 lb. as far as I know. So I’ve been trying to simulate this by either performing the stair master or real stairs outdoors (the latter is better for preparation) while carrying either a steel club or kettlebell. In the above video I performed 3 sets of 10 flights of stairs up and down. I will try to push harder and get up to 10 sets but I have less than a month now! Not my best preparation for entering a race but life is very busy these days! Send me a message if you’d like to train with me for this event or any other race.