trx-full-body-workoutI’ve been posting a lot of videos about some advanced exercises and equipment that may not be available to the mainstream. Sorry if any of you have felt left out! Here’s a full body TRX workout that anyone can perform at home, at the gym or just about anywhere! All you need is a TRX or similar suspension trainer (I prefer TRX simply because of it’s flexibility, adjustability and durability).
Suspension trainers like the TRX allow you to work your body as a whole while also allowing for some isolation. This kind of integrative training is not only more transferable to the real world but it also allows you to burn more calories. The following routine covers every body-part while taking that integrative approach. I performed this while being sick so if I can do it in that state anyone can! 🙂



TRX Chest Press
TRX TY’s (perform a T reverse fly followed up by a Y reverse fly; your arms should look like a T and then a Y from behind)
TRX Power hops
TRX Hack Squats (you can perform with or without a hop for more or less difficulty)
TRX Leg Curls
TRX Bieps Curl
TRX Triceps Extension
TRX Crunch
Perform all sets with no or little rest and perform a minimum of 10-15 reps each set. Repeat entire circuit 2-5 times depending on fitness level.