spartan sprint raceAs you may have seen on my Instagram account I am registered for the Spartan Sprint Race at Citi Field in Corona NY this April. Although I believe there aren’t much upper body obstacles from what I’ve seen in past Spartan Sprint Races I am not taking any chances and am strengthening my upper body just the same.  The following workout was mainly about building on top of my durability and strength. Although the leg work executed in this workout was light for me it was performed in between sets to increase my overall powered stamina which simulates the ongoing moderate strength work in an obstacle course race.  My training will change greatly in the next weeks so look out for those changes! The main thing I’ll be working on for the next few months is getting my cardiovascular system in better shape, specifically with sprints and stair climbing (they use the stairs a lot at CitiField!).  I will most likely show the details of that training in future posts but for now here is the full list of what I did in this workout (sorry that not all exercises are shown in video):

3 Rounds
Incline Barbell Press Reps 10,8,5,5
Walking DB Lunges 40 feet

3 Rounds
Suspension Pushups with feet on wall 10-15 reps
Loaded Carries with DB’s – 30-40 seconds

3 Rounds
Archer Pushups 10,9,9
Suspension/TRX Leg Curls

3 Rounds
Handstand pushups (feet against wall) 12,10,10
One leg stiff leg DeadLift 10,10,8

2 Rounds
Army Crawls (about 20 ft. forward and backward)

3 Rounds
Handstand holds 20 -30 seconds
Pole walk down plank AMRAP up and down