Beast Mode #WOD – Legs with Back, Shoulders & Core

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Beast Mode #WOD – Legs with Back, Shoulders & Core

As you may have read in previous posts on social media I’ve been dealing with an ongoing bout of tennis elbow from all of the activity I endure (and probably a lack of sunshine too!).  Anyhow, that’s not stopping me from going into “Beast Mode”! Here’s a condensed workout due to the limits placed on me from ongoing tendonitis. I grouped two exercises together for some rounds below so there are actually a total of 9 exercises.

  1. Overhead Walking Lunges w/ 50 lb. #Kettlebell 2 sets
  2. Beast hops across room (about 40 ft each way) 3 sets immediately followed by
    Close Grip Pullups 3 sets of 12-8 reps
  3. TRX Leg Curls 3 sets of 15-12 reps immediately followed by
    Wide Grop Pullups 3 sets of 10-8 reps
  4. One leg Romanian Deadlift w/ 60 lb DB 3 sets of 10 immediately followed up by
    Clean/Squat/Press (can’t do snatches with tendonitis) 3 sets of 5 each side
  5. Get ups using medicine ball 3 sets of 6 each side
  6. Ended with a Beast plank holding as long as possible!


Until next #WOD. Be Super!

Music in video by Henry Jackman
From the Soundtrack: X-Men First Class
Song: X-Training

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