Recently I’ve been experiencing tendonitis in my elbow due to over-training. Not entirely by choice but rather the effects of megekken performing more classes and embarking on both bouldering and Gekken, which is a free form Japanese sword fighting practice; both of which my forearms were not prepared for! So I’ve had to rethink my pull workouts and take it a little easier for the time being while emphasizing some forearm work to strengthen and stretch the forearm muscles around the lateral epicondyle of the humerus. I’m a firm believer in working through some discomfort, as long as you are not in a lot of pain. To totally rest or take off completely just sends signals to the brain that healing or repair is not a priority since you are not using it. Of course, I should have been icing it all of this time after every workout, but I just started to do so now after speaking with master athletic trainer Steve Didio.
That said here is the workout I currently perform during this tough time of being patient while allowing my body to perform its “Wolverine” duties (healing that is, for the non-comic book fans). You’ll notice the volume is much lower compared to previous pull WOD’s (ab exercises are combined with most exercises to keep the heart rate up and intensity somewhat high):

Modified Pull WOD

  • Wide-grip pullups followed by Mountain climbers 3 sets
  • Underhand pullup followed by bicycles 2 sets
  • TRX Rows followed by leg raise with hip thrust 2 sets
  • TRX One Arm Row with TRX trunk rotations (as seen in the video above)  2 sets
  • TRX Curl followed by Russian twists 2 sets
  • Open Chain Rotations with Resistance (as seen below from GMB Fitness) 2-3 sets
  • Forearm stretching of  both extensors and flexors


That’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted to my progress!
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