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Holiday or Anytime at Home Workout

The holidays can be a wonderful time of the year seeing family, giving gifts, catching up with friends and eating scrumptious foods at all kinds of holiday parties. However, as we all know it can be very stressful and usually leads to a us all gaining weight and feeling not so great about ourselves when the holidays are over.  During this busy time of the year we often leave the gym on the backburner and think, ‘well I’ll get back into shape after the New Year’. Of course getting to the gym is probably the best thing for us during the holiday season when we’re feeling stressed and overeating but I understand it can be very difficult. That’s why I made this quick, no equipment necessary intense workout for you which can be executed anywhere at anytime! It can be as short or as long as you’d like but I recommend a minimum of 4-5 rounds. For those in really good shape 10 rounds works best.

Warm-up (remember we’re not trying to exhaust you here just warmup the muscles):
Warrior lunge 10x
Star touch 10x
Toe Touch Side Lunges 10x
Toy soldier 10x
Standing oblique 10x
Burpees 5-10x (depending on your fitness level)

Repeat the above 1-2x
(repeat the below sequence for 5-10 rounds depending on fitness level; only 10-20 seconds rest between rounds, but no rest between sets):
Air Squats 10x
Skaters 10x
Touch the sky pushup 10x
Mountain climbers 10x
Spiderman Mountain Climbers 10x
Here’s the Youtube video link:


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He was a head coach for The North Face & is currently a NOW FOODS Wellness Influencer (where he does get products in exchange for writing about their products which he firmly believes in!). Peter has been on FIOS1 NEWS and NEWS12 Westchester and has written for many newspapers, websites and magazines.

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