My Top 5 Athletic Gifts for Yourself or Your Significant Other!

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My Top 5 Athletic Gifts for Yourself or Your Significant Other!

Zpump Reebok1. My favorite athletic shoe/sneakers are the Reebok ZPump Fusion. It’s customized form with superior function. It works by inflating an air-filled cage  within the shoe that fuses to the unique shape of your foot. You can get 30% off the entire Reebok site by clicking through here.

2. My favorite protein powder/system are the Vega line of protein powders simply because they are vegan while also having the correct ratio of amino acids that resemble our muscle. Bottom line, they work to help you recover and build muscle better than any other vegan system out there! If I had to choose one out of all their powders it would be the Vega Sport Performance Protein which is the newest and most advanced protein powder they have.

3. If you’re a guy or have a significant other that is male I highly recommend Dollar Shave Club for both the convenience and the great price they have.  Their razors work just as well as the more expensive brands in the stores! That’s coming from a guy that shaves every day and has a tough beard! The great thing is that it’s a monthly subscription that can be ended anytime but chances are you’ll get hooked after the first month, like me!

4. One of my favorite at the park, at the gym and at home pieces of equipment is, you guessed it, the TRX. It’s ease of use, versatility and portability make it a staple in my training as well as my clients training routines. You can get 40% off a TRX bundle by clicking here.

Bodimetrics5. My favorite analyzing gadget and overall best new gadget of the year is a new product I discovered by… (Drum roll please!) BodiMetrics. This little gadget is AMAZING as it puts your well-being in the palm of your hand! At just 3 oz this portable, easy to use health performance monitoring masterpiece stores up to 100 records for up to 4 people or you can sync your device with their free mobile iOS or Android app.

It performs  a non-invasive ECG, tracks heart rate, monitors systolic blood pressure, monitors blood oxygenation levels (no gadget out there does this!) body temperature, works as a pedometer and even has medication/supplement reminders. But wait there’s more! BodiMetrics™ has a “Relax Me” function. It basically uses Heart Rate Variability tracking and relaxation exercises to reduce stress and improve the user’s health. Athletes and fitness buffs alike will increase results with a personalized Target Heart Rate Zone based on analysis from the monitoring it provides! It captures steps, stride, calorie burn and Target Heart Rate Zone for truly optimized work outs. The metrics are seamlessly exchanged with either the iOS or Android mobile phone application for reviewing or sharing with family, trainers or trusted advisers. You can pick one up here.


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