A SHIFT on How We Use Watch Bands

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A SHIFT on How We Use Watch Bands

shiftRecently I came upon a new watchband made specifically for health and heart rate monitors for all of us fitness buffs and athletes. The watch band is called SHIFT by a company called EdgeGear.  What’s really unique about this watchband is that the watch is held in a different position than any other watch ever created (as far as I know).  At first glance it looks like it may be uncomfortable but it’s not and it’s location was well thought out by it’s creators. As stated on their website, SHIFT is optimized for active users. Why, you may ask? When you’re bike riding, spinning, running or working out with weights you would need to flip your hand to view which can alter your performance, concentration and ergonomics while training. SHIFT solves this problem by placing it between the thumb and index finger of the back of the hand.  Additionally, SHIFT band is able to fit many watches/heart rate monitors, including Apple, Pebble, many Garmin and Suunto watches and virtually all spring-pin watches where the band can be removed.  I recently used it while giving a boot camp type class and it did not pose any problem with traditional weight training or kettlebell training. I found this really useful since I had tried to where a traditional heart rate monitor watch while performing kettlebells snatches and cracked the screen! So now that I am able to do snatches with an iWatch I am sold! This is the fitness buff and athletes watchband of the future…today!

Please go here to help support the making of this product on Kickstarter today: http://kck.st/1PSeeOX

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