My at the Park Pull #WOD

My at the Park Pull #WOD

As long as it’s not below freezing I love working out outdoors. There’s something about being in the sun and having the outdoor air cool you off (well at least when it’s nice out!). Anyhow, there is a Westchester County park in White Plains I frequent called Kittrell Park.  I like that they have bars to perform pullups and attach my TRX suspension trainer to.  Here is yet another one of my favorite workout; my pull WOD which works all of the pulling muscles. Additionally I added some leg work but not to really work the legs out well but rather to keep up my heart rate and make it a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. This constant work in between sets will increase your durability, endurance and enhance your metabolism for hours after the workout as well as during recovery.

PULL Workout of the Day (WOD):

Warm-up with light jog in place or moving followed by 10 burpees, 10 frog thrusts and 20 rotational planks.

6 Rounds (20 seconds rest between each group)
Start with:
30 light (25lb) kettlebell swings (10 two handed/5 one handed each hand/10 alternating hands)
Wide grip pullups with 25 lb weight for 2 sets at 6-8 reps; then no weight 10/10/8/8

4 Rounds (20 seconds rest between each group)
Figure 8 Swings 20 reps
Close grip pull ups 8,8,6,6

4 Rounds (no rest)
Figure 8’s in squat stance 25
TRX Rows (fully parallel with ground) 10,10,9

4 Rounds (20 seconds rest between each group)
TRX Reverse Flyes 10,8,8
TRX Curls 8,8,6

3 Rounds (no rest)
TRX Reverse Curls 8,8,6
8 Broad Jumps

3 Rounds (only 20 seconds rest between sets)
Toes to bar leg raise 10, 10, 10
Russian Twists 25 x 3


Music in video:
“Heroes Tonight”
by Janji
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