GlutenFree pizzaWhen making a pizza you have two choices; to make your own dough or use a pre-made crust. I chose to make my dough from scratch but you can use Rudis gluten-free pizza crust if your don’t have time to make your own. I used a pizza crust recipe from Paleo Leap.

After laying out the dough, or pizza crust by Rudis gluten-free, drizzle olive oil and/or avocado oil on it season lightly with Organic Italian seasoning.

Generously lay down your Organic Girl spinach then your Wellshire Farms pepperoni, then place your sliced bell peppers and your sliced Applegate Farms fire roasted red pepper sausage. Lastly, season again with Organic Italian seasoning.

You may add onions and mushrooms too but if you suffer from IBS like me and are on a low FODMAP diet stear clear of onions.

Bake at 425° farenheit for 12 minutes if using the pre-made crust. If you’re using your own raw dough then cook for 18-20 minutes depending on how crispy you like it.