Recently I learned about a new insole that can decrease fatigue and increase performance. The reason I am so interested in this technology is:

  1. I have flat feet.
  2. I recently have been dealing with knee issues that I believe are being caused by my flat feet.

slide_tech9According to their website: “The benefits of Arch Mobility insoles, in comparison to conventional foam insoles are (1) a more neutral alignment of the foot (2) enhanced pronation control (3) improved cushioning.”  They explain further the importance of the foot in the kinetic chain in the graphic shown:

So I contacted the company to give them a try! The first thing I noticed when I received them was the fact that they inform you to wear them just a couple of hours the first day then a little more the next and so on until you’re wearing them all day every day.
Why is this important?

Arch MobilityWell for one it tells me that their team has well qualified experts on board as they know that the body needs time to adapt to a new alignment. Even if they have the best insoles in the world it is necessary for your body to conform to the new alignment gradually.  So I have been wearing them just as prescribed everyday for a little more time each day. So far I am really liking the Arch Mobility insoles and my knee pain has diminished in just 5 days! I can’t wait to report how my knee and my feet are feeling in the next 30 days! I will keep you posted!