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My Back WOD (pull day)

horizontal-ladderI like to train outdoors whenever possible so on my back day it’s no exception. I go to a park that has a pullup bar and horizontal ladder and either a pole or rope to climb.

So once I’ve got the right park the next step is to warm up. I start with 10 burpees with  pull up on the jump up. I’ll do two sets followed by an upper back stretch. Then it’s onto the horizontal ladder to cross as quickly as possible. I’ll do the horizontal ladder twice depending on the length of the ladder.

outdoor-workoutNow that I am warm I go right into pullups first with a wider than shoulder grip then I’ll do a narrow grip to work the latissimus dorsi and teres major/minor. I’ll do 3 sets of each grip with 30-45 seconds rest in between.

For rows to work the lower trapezius, rhomboids and lower latissimus dorsi, I like to use a TRX and simply place 2015-04-02 12.38.06my feet on something to make myself fully parallel with the ground.
I’ll do 4 sets of these with a set of hanging leg raises, toe to bar, in between.

Lastly for back I’ll do a fully inverted shrug hanging from the pullup bar to work the trapezius muscles.
In between I’ll do a climb up a pole or rope or mountain climber for 30-45 seconds if there isn’t a ladder.

Next is rear deltoids to finish the back and progress into the bicep work as well. I’ll do reverse flyes on the TRX followed up by a bicep curls on the TRX and then finishing with a reach out plank on the TRX; 20-30 seconds rest and then repeat 3-4 times.

My final exercises are a reverse curl on the TRX followed up by an abdominal roll up using the TRX as well.

I’ll stretch for 10 minutes and this awesome outdoor body-weight workout is complete!

All pictures by my 8 year old son! He’s the best! 😉

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